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Tactical Team

The Mesquite Police Department maintains several specialized units to deal with the variety of needs which may arise within the City of Mesquite. One of these units is the Tactical Team. 


The department's Tactical Team was established to deal with situations within the city which require equipment, techniques and training which are beyond the norms for most police officers.

Personnel assigned to the Tactical Team have other full-time assignments within the department. Personnel are selected from applicants based on a range of criteria including: physical fitness, firearms proficiency and supervisory recommendations. Members of the team receive specialized training from several sources and joint training with other local teams. Personnel on the Mesquite Tactical Team have developed proficiency with a number of specialized weapons and with techniques designed to increase their efficiency and safety in dealing with various situations.

The department's Tactical Team is utilized to make "high-risk entries" pursuant to warrants obtained by the department. When crimes occur within the city which lead to the issuance of arrest or search warrants, an evaluation is done to determine if the service of the warrant will present a risk to officers or the public. In cases where there is a high potential for violence, the Tactical Team is utilized for the initial entry.