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Criminal Investigations Division

CID. This is where all the investigators (or detectives as they're interchangeably called) work. CID investigators work five eight-hour shifts per week between the hours of 8:00 and 17:00, Monday through Friday. An officer can generally expect to apply for CID after about five years in patrol. CID is divided into 6 units:


Burglary and Theft
Crime Scene
Crimes Against Persons
Forgery/Identity Theft
Gangs/Juvenile Crimes

Each unit has its own divisions. For example, burglary and theft is further divided into burglary of habitations, criminal mischief, theft, burglary of motor vehicles, and auto theft.

Relative to patrol, as an investigator your job description narrows dramatically. You are now specialized and focused on a specific type of crime. It is the investigator's responsibility to follow up on reports submitted by patrol officers. Unlike patrol, you are rarely on scene as a first responder. The majority of the investigator's time is spent building cases as he or she interviews victims and witnesses and tracks down suspects.